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Search for the perfect gift by plants for your next occasion or holiday. Vancouver Blooms has plenty of gorgeous plants when you want to mark the occasion. A great way to brighten up homes and work spaces, a growing plant gives your recipient something to enjoy for years to come, no matter their plant experience level. With our wide assortment of options to choose from, give your loved ones the gift that they can enjoy for weeks, months, and even years! Add on personal touches like the recipient’s favourite goodies or a refreshing beverage!

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Need a gift for your spouse? When you browse by plants from Vancouver Blooms, you can find the perfect one every time. We suggest the Potted Tropical Plant Garden, a lovely collection of tropical plants that are sure to please.

Get Mom a gift that will make her feel special when you explore our collections by plants at Vancouver Blooms. Consider the Crowning Glory Tropical Plant, a gorgeous and vibrant potted plant with beautiful foliage that will be an absolute breath of fresh air!

Treat your friends to a lovely plant gift when you browse by plants that they will adore. The Old Fashioned Money Plant is a beautiful option with a rich green foliage and a minimal planter that will fit into any décor!

When your colleagues need a gift, check out the options by plants that are sure to dazzle them. With the Golden Edged Sansevieria Trifasciata Plant, they will love the verdant greenery in a sleek planter.